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What is ADAS Windshield Camera Calibration?


Windshield Camera Calibration, to clarify, involves adjusting camera lens and lasers to capture a complete image of the vehicle and road. Those are then translated into either visual images or audible warnings, thus keeping you aware of your surroundings. As a result, it guarantees that in-car Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) receive accurate as well as reliable information while you’re driving.

To explain further, ADAS systems can alert drivers to potential hazards on the roads through the use of front and rear cameras, sideview, parking assist, as well as blind spot detections and lane keeping technology, to name a few. Furthermore, ADAS can take control if and when it senses danger. Whether it be applying the emergency brakes or lane control due to drifting, ADAS is there for you. By comparison, between the years 2011 and 2015, of the estimated 3.59 million accidents per year, ADAS had the potential to prevent and mitigate 62% of that total. Thus, a potential 20,000 lives could be saved each year according to the National Safety Council (NCS). With this in mind, auto makers are switching to ADAS for newer makes and models because it provides a safer ride for you and your loved ones.

ADAS Autel MA600

Indeed, windshield camera calibration is an excellent and necessary step for safer roads. However, it does make windshield replacements more complex when compared to traditional replacements. If you have a misaligned camera, then ADAS will receive false information, and this could contribute to accidents due to incorrect data. For this reason, it’s explicitly crucial that cameras are aligned perfectly prior to driving after a windshield replacement. Safety is chiefly important, regardless, and we aim to keep you protected while you’re on the road.

At Expertise Auto Glass, we utilize the Autel MA600 Mobile ADAS system. This device is portable, precise, and adjustable. It also gives accuracy with multiple laser positioning points to the millimeter. Additionally, because it’s light weight as well as mobile and quick to disassemble, we can transport it to any location and give calibration services on site.

Since we started in 1991, we’ve grown proud of our excellent reputation as caring and reliable. Unlike some businesses that are stationary and less convenient, we operate with your schedule in mind. We can either do your calibration in our shop or we will come to your location, whether it’s at home or at your office while you’re working. So, if your windshield needs replaced and ADAS cameras that need calibrated afterwards, contact us directly to schedule your appointment! 

Wow! The entire process took less than an hour and they billed my insurance for me. In a word, I trust Expertise over the other guys. – Eliese M.

Expertise covers a huge area, so I don’t have to worry if I’m at their business or out and about. – Ken B.

I contacted Expertise after a near mishap on the road. They got my car’s systems corrected, keeping me and my family safe. – Darlene H.

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Expertise Auto Glass strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment.

Automotive Calibrations

Expertise Auto Glass strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

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