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Forward Collision Avoidance Automotive Calibration Systems

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Forward Collision Avoidance

What is Forward Collision Avoidance?

To explain, forward collision avoidance (FCA) is exactly what it sounds like. Another facet of ADAS, it’s a system that helps you avoid a collision with an obstacle in front your vehicle. Presently, forward facing collisions are one of the most common types of accidents that occur, especially in urban settings and on highways during rush hour, where there is a lot of stop-start queuing traffic. Through the use of front facing radar sensors, your vehicle can sense speed of traffic, along with surrounding movement and hazards, in the same fashion as adaptive cruise control. In contrast, however, FAC works autonomously and will control steering and braking to avoid an accident. Moreover, forward collision avoidance will pre-charge your brakes in conjunction with the emergency braking system as a means of avoidance.


Forward Collision Avoidance Calibration

 “Forward Collision Warning Avoidance”

To put it differently, forward collision avoidance continuously monitors the road ahead. As designed, it detects slowing moving traffic, crossing pedestrians, and fallen objects in your path. As a result, FCA will provide warnings and can use your braking system to its fullest even when you don’t apply full force. Unless you fail to react, autonomous emergency brakes are engaged on their own. Now, with this being said, we are human and make mistakes more than we want to admit. Sometimes, though, these mistakes can contribute to collisions. On the contrary, FCA mitigates the risk by either avoiding obstacles altogether, or by reducing the severity of the accident. Additionally, FCA with autonomous braking include elements of pre-collision prep, such as seatbelt tensioning as well as controlled steering. Since the introduction of FCA within ADAS, safe vehicle operation continues to remain the most important rule of the road.

Since our 1991 debut, we’ve kept up with changing technology and practices in our field. Through our continued service and knowledge, we’re also in a position to help you anywhere in the region, regardless of setting. Whether your at home, or out in a public place, we’ll bring our equipment and provide service on site. Also, insurance is billed by us, so you don’t have to worry about filing the claim. What’s more is Expertise stands behind each quality repair, ensuring you have received the best in service. So, give us a call to schedule your appointment for auto glass or forward collision avoidance calibration.


I hate to admit it, but I’m not a perfect driver. Luckily, my collision avoidance system prevented an accident when I failed to. I’m especially thankful to Expertise for attention to each and every little detail. – Thomas A.

Expertise, compared to others, remains my preference for auto glass work. Each technician is thorough and polite. No run arounds or unnecessary drama. Thank you for doing all you do. – Nancy S.

I’ve been going to Expertise whenever I needed windshield repair. Now that they calibrate my ADAS as well, that’s more convenient than the dealership. – Steven M.

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Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

Forward Collision Avoidance

Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Automotive Calibration Services  today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

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