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Forward Collision Warning Automotive Calibration Systems

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Forward Collision Warning

What is Forward Collision Warning?

To illustrate, forward collision warning (FCW) is primarily meant to prevent or minimize the severity of front facing collisions. Currently, these are the most common types of accidents, especially in urban settings and highways where traffic can cause stop-start intervals. Unlike forward collision avoidance which works autonomously, forward collision warning aims to give you time to mitigate error without needing to engage self-braking and steering functions. Generally speaking, you have more control whenever an obstacle poses a threat, thus giving you reaction time to slow down or steer away. By comparison, most FCW information is derived from the same systems utilized by adaptive cruise control. In contrast, you make changes when manually operating your vehicle, as opposed to cruise control with is more automated.

Forward Collision Warning Calibration

“Forward Collision Warning Calibration”

For further demonstration, FCW operates by monitoring the road ahead of your vehicle, especially the vehicle in front of you. It calculates the physical space between you and the vehicle ahead while estimating a safe following distance. However, when the car ahead slows and that distance shrinks, a succession of escalating warnings will occur, in the same fashion as forward collision avoidance. Firstly, you’ll receive an audible alert. Secondly, a visual indicator will show on your dashboard. Thirdly, you’ll feel your seat or steering wheel vibrate. These alerts will assist you to make the best possible correction, such as braking or steering away to avoid a collision. Given these points, it’s important to schedule regular calibrations for your FCW and FCA.

Since we opened in 1991, our business has grown from one location to remote capability. In other words, we’re mobile in addition to being a physical repair shop. With this in mind, your schedule and location will be accommodated in order to provide the best service possible. In fact, we’ll even perform glass repair and ADAS calibrations while you’re attending a sporting event, are at work, or while parked at home. Also, don’t worry about insurance claims as we will take care of that for you. So, if your vehicle needs FCW calibration, give us a call directly to schedule your next appointment.


I’m proud to be a repeat client of Expertise. After all, why bother finding someone that does if differently if Expertise does it right each time? – Rachel W.

Expertise honored my appointment even when I was watching my kids playing baseball. They performed the repairs right in the parking lot, then notified me my insurance was already billed. What service! – Marlene L.

Despite the fact I’ve had some near misses in downtown Lancaster, I’m especially grateful to be safe and to have an ADAS that’s calibrated by Expertise’s technicians. – Christina U.

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Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

Forward Collision Warning

Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Automotive Calibration Services  today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

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