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Around view Monitoring Calibration Systems

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Around View Monitoring

What is Around View Monitoring?

To clarify, Around View Monitoring (AVM) is a system that utilizes multiple camera angles and measurements to its advantage. Unlike conventional cameras that give only a front or rear view image, AVM stitches a birds-eye view of your vehicle from overhead. The image is then displayed on your car’s LCD screen, giving you an overhead view of your car and it’s relationship to all surroundings.

To explain further, this system is especially important when parallel parking as it helps you gage space between your car, adjacent cars, the curb, and also line markings. Previously, your instincts were based solely off your visual out the car windows. Though you could see clearly, your line of sight was limited. Now, with AVM, your have better visuals, particularly of your blind spots. Additionally, it reinforces the visual images with sonar, so if your car gets to close to anything in either direction, you’ll receive a warning signal and can make corrections.


Around view Monitoring

 “Around View Monitoring”

While it’s an excellent system on its own, Around View Monitoring is just one of many safety devices in what is called Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). However, it is equally important to keep your safety systems calibrated, especially after an accident. Though used mainly for ease of parking, accidents can still happen while pulling in or backing out of a public lot, causing damage to your vehicle and others. That is why it’s best that your ADAS and AVM are maintained regularly for best results. 

Since our start in 1991, we’ve made our business a top trusted source for all auto glass and ADAS calibrations. Though as technology advances, we make sure our knowledge does as well. So, you can trust we’ll take care of your needs regardless of the issue. What’s more is your time is also important to us. That is why we work with your schedule and location, whether it be at home, at the mall, or at work. Our devices are portable and can be used for repairs wherever and whenever necessary. With this in mind, call us directly if your vehicle requires some TLC.


I used to hate parallel parking, but now that I have an overhead view, it’s so much easier and I get to see everything, not just what I can see out of the windows. – Kel S.

After a mishap in a parking lot, one of my cameras stopped working. so I called Expertise and they were able to fix it no problem – Randy L.

If it weren’t for Expertise and their guarantees, I’d be able to trust no one else. Best rates and best service. – Shanese J.

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Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

Around view Monitoring

Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Automotive Calibration Services  today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

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