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Adaptive Cruise Control Calibration Systems

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Adaptive Cruise Control

What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

To explain, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works as an extension of systems already within your vehicle. Despite conventional cruise control that only sets speed, ACC also sets speed, but measures and maintains a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead. It is named adaptive due to it’s designation of adapting speed to environment. However, it must be remembered that ACC is merely a driver’s assistance system and is not meant to be an auto-pilot for your vehicle. The acceleration and brake pedals take priority over ACC like it does with traditional cruise control. In short, you still maintain focus on the road and control of your vehicle.

To illustrate how it works, Adaptive Cruise Control employs radar or laser inputs to detect the car ahead. When activated, the ACC will register the set speed, but adapt based on your speed, the speed of other vehicles on the road, as well as posted speed limits in some cases. Furthermore, ACC will engage corrective action if it detects an obstacle. If traffic slows, ACC will also slow to match the speed of travel while maintaining a safe distance. It can also downshift and apply brakes if necessary.


Adaptive Cruise Control

“Cruise Control Calibration”

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have accidents. However, they do happen and most times due to multiple circumstances. That is why ADAS, including Adaptive Cruise Control, are being equipped in most newer makes and models. These systems are there to help us be more vigilant of our surroundings by providing us with proximity warnings, or even correcting speed and applying brakes before a collision occurs. Yet, if an accident does happen, body shops can repair the physical damage. It’s equally important to have you Adaptive Cruise Control system recalibrated in addition so your vehicle can once again keep you safe while on the road.

Since our beginnings in 1991, we’ve continued expanding our knowledge as technology progresses. We’ve adapted to constant change and as a result, we have built the business around you, no matter what. Not only will we repair your vehicle after an accident, but we will calibrate your ADAS as well, ensuring your safety systems are functioning properly. Additionally, we work on your schedule and your location. Whether your at work or at home, Expertise will be there. Because we use portable equipment, our repairs and calibration services can be done in our shop, in your driveway, at the mall, and even at your office. When you need help, give us a call to schedule your appointment and you’ll see why we’re highly trusted by our clients.


I was in an accident and only recently got the front fender repaired. Expertise calibrated my safety systems too. Very thorough and reliable – Harry V.

With my work, I’m driving a lot on the interstate and Expertise ensures my needs are met, regardless. – Trisha W.

I’m human and sometimes I get distracted on the road. My ADAS alerts me of changes ahead so I can re-focus and be alert. Thank you Expertise for all you do. – Warren B.

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Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

Adaptive Cruise Control

Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Automotive Calibration Services  today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

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