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Lane Keeping Technology Automotive Calibration Systems

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Lane Keeping Technology

What is Lane Keeping Technology?

To summarize, lane keeping technology (LKT) is a system within ADAS that assists with lane control while on the road. Primarily, it is highways and freeways to which LKT is utilized most. By comparison, basic lane keeping technology is a limited passive warning system, alerting of lane changes or obstacles within blind spots during a merge. However, modern LKT provides audible warnings to drivers as well as take corrective steering actions. Though LKT on it’s own is essential for safe vehicle operation, there are several components in conjunction that make it beneficial. More specifically, there are three components within LKT, such as lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, and lane centering warning. LKT is the most complex and sensitive feature of ADAS. Due to environmental factors like weather, dirt, obstruction of cameras etc., it is most important to receive regular calibration and maintenance for optimal performance.


Lane Keeping Technology

“Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is one system within LKT that alerts the driver when leaving the lane of travel. More specifically, once a vehicle reaches speeds of 30 MPH or greater, LDW is activated by the use of interior mounted cameras, which then monitor lane markings while in motion. If the turn signal is not on, the driver will receive audible and visual warnings as well as steering wheel vibrations whenever the vehicle is drifting out of it’s current lane. In contrast, if the turn signal is on, the LDW assumes the driver wants to shift lanes or merge off and will not interfere. Furthermore, LDW is a passive system that does not offer corrective actions, thus leaving the driver with the responsibility of mitigation.

“Lane Keeping Assist”

In addition to LDW, lane keeping assist (LKA) uses the same interior mounted cameras for lane marker monitoring. It also is activated and operating at speeds over 30 MPH. However, being an active system, it will make corrective action for the driver if it senses the need. For instance, when the driver doesn’t use the turn signal and begins shifting, LKA will sound audible and visual alerts, but will also keep the car from merging. However, if the turn signal is on, LKA will let the driver make the intended move without interfering.

“Lane Centering Assist”

While LKA and LDW will keep the vehicle in check when changing lanes, lane centering assist (LCA) goes another step further in lane keeping technology. To explain, LCA is capable of utilizing the established features of both LDW and LKA, however, is autonomous and proactively keeps the vehicle within the lane of travel at all times. Also like LDW and LKA, when the turn signal is on, the driver’s input takes priority.

When Expertise started in 1991, our scope was much smaller and limited. However, with advanced technology and readily available training, our technicians are experts of the auto glass and ADAS calibration sectors. Due to our knowledge, we use top quality glass and ADAS compatible equipment to perform calibration services. In addition, Expertise will honor appointments in house or remotely as an added convenience to you. Give us a call directly for information or to scheduled your appointment.

Despite having ADAS in my vehicle, I do have to keep regular maintenance in order for lane keeping to work right. Luckily, Expertise is always there for me. – Eleanor V.

After my windshield was replaced by another shop, my cameras weren’t tracking correctly. Expertise diagnosed the issue was poor glass quality and proceeded with another replacement and calibration of my lane keeping technology. Talk about top customer service! –  Mitchell W.

Hands down the best service and quality repairs I’ve ever received since I started driving in 1997. The technicians are always courteous and willing to assist with whatever my vehicle needs. – Melissa R.

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Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Auto Glass today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

Lane Keeping Technology Automotive Calibrations

Expertise Automotive Calibration Services strives for excellent customer service and quality control. Call Expertise Automotive Calibration Services  today or use the links to request either a quote or appointment

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